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Cline A. Siegenthaler has been exhibiting his Science Fiction and Fantasy artwork at midwestern and southern conventions since 1989. His portfolio is an ever-changing zoo of bizarre aliens, whimsical gargoyles and over-engineered, mechanical beasts.
Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, Cline spent way too much time reading comic books and watching Saturday afternoon monster movies. He graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1987 with a major in Filmmaking and a minor in Art. Over the years, he has taken additional classes in graphic design and printmaking.

His published work includes a 1991 comic book "The Adventures of Biff Thundersaur", card illustrations for Legends of the Five Rings and Galactic Empires, and several illustrations for role playing games such as Bureau 13 and Goblinworld.

As a graphic designer, he has recreated the faces and costumes of several WWE wrestlers for the WWE STACKDOWN toy line.

Cline currently shows his illustrations and sculptures at 4-5 conventions a year. He also sells Limited Edition Reproductions, Postcards, T-Shirts and Buttons of his most popular pieces.